Brand building

Branding is more than logo design

Your website is part of a wider strategy and should look like it

Consistent branding across all your communications helps create a sense of place with your customers. Visual identity is informed by careful choice of photographic assets, colours, typography and the overall emotion a website evokes in its users.


Creating something new together

We’ve forged new branding for start-ups, and it’s something we particularly enjoy. This starts with research as we really need to understand who you are as a small business, how you want to be seen and who your clients are.

Updating a dated look; the visual identity refresh

With some of our clients trading for 20 and 30 years, there comes a time where even a successful brand will want to return to their visual identity. As your business and the world around it evolves there comes a time when you don’t feel confident about the impression your visual identity creates – it’s no longer right for you. We can help to give it a polish.

To get the ball rolling on developing your web branding – drop us a line to discus your needs.

You already have branding that you’re happy with but need to extend it from print to the digital world

We’ve helped several small business bridge the digital divide and take their branding which had existed only in print into a vibrant website that stays true to their brand.

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